Rannon Ching for Texas Pharmacy Association Director

TPA Director

My Campaign Promise

Vote Aug 5 to aug 19th

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Legislator Engagement

Meeting with Rep. Philip Cortez following the passage of his immunization bill in the Texas House


Meeting with Rep. Tom Oliverson, author of PBM reform legislation

Testifying for PBM Reform

Testifying before the Committee on Insurance during the 2021 Legislative session for PBM Reform

My Service as a TPA Board Member

It has been my honor to serve the association as the Speaker Elect and Speaker of the House of Delegates for the past two years. In my time on the TPA board, I’ve worked together with other members of the board, the association, and TPA staff to fight for the profession of pharmacy.

Here are a few highlights of my last 2 years as a member of the TPA board:

- Testified at the Texas State Capitol multiple times on behalf of the pharmacy profession, in regards to legislation around Test and Treat in 2019 and PBM Reform in 2021.

- Visited and educated legislators at the Capitol about the importance of PBM legislation and community pharmacies around the state of Texas

- Collaborated and worked with the other members of the board
of directors to advance TPA’s public policy strategy, association affairs, and financial affairs.

- Met with legislators at our community pharmacy to show them how pharmacy has been helping during the pandemic

This past year is a great example of what pharmacy can do when we work together and collaborate. We have a great start, and have much more that we must do to grow as an association and profession. I will continue fighting and advocating for the profession with your support and vote!