Enroll in our Transition of Care Program

Having to go to the hospital can be scary. What can be even scarier is leaving with a stack of paperwork and unclear instructions on what to do next. Tarrytown Pharmacy is offering a new service called Transitions of Care. If you have just been discharged from the hospital within the last two weeks, we will go through all of your old and new medications and paperwork with you and contact your providers to make sure that you are properly set up for the future.

This service usually has a $260 service cost but for these next few months, it will be free of charge for all Tarrytown patients! The majority of medication related errors are caused by miscommunications between hospitals, primary care providers, and hospitals. We are here to make sure that does not happen to you. The next time you are discharged from the hospital, just call Tarrytown Pharmacy and ask for our Transitions of Care service.