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History of Tarrytown Pharmacy

Since 1941

How it all started

In 1986, Brian and his wife Gail moved into a larger space across the parking lot, next door to the Tarrytown Post Office. The move enabled the Newberrys to expand their gift, card, and cosmetic offerings while maintaining efficient pharmacy operations.     Tarrytown Pharmacy has been a backbone of the neighborhood, and the Austin community, for over 75 years. We regularly donate merchandise, time, and funds to local schools and charities and we pride ourselves in our community service – service that begins with our customers. We know their names and their families, and they know ours. Many of them have been shopping with us for five generations and we value their trust and loyalty.     

Tarrytown Pharmacy continues to be owned and operated by the Newberry family – the third generation owner Mark Newberry, and his wife Leslie Newberry, are continuing in Brian and J.D.’s traditions of service, community, and dependability.     

Meet the newberrys

Mark Newberry

Present and Future

Tarrytown Pharmacy

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