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What Is Cognivue Screening and How Does It Work?

Cognivue Screening is a specialized tool used by Duncan Hearing in order to help our patients identify and manage cognitive decline. It serves as an advanced level tool for measuring cognitive decline, developing the right hearing care treatment plan and provides insight helpful in the process of selecting the hearing aid technology. 

This form of cognitive testing utilizes a personalized, consistent, and reliable assessment of your overall brain health, establishing a baseline score against which you and your doctor can monitor and detect changes as they develop, utilize new interventions when levels decline, and measure the success of interventions already in place. 

Some of the features of Cognivue screening include: 

* Quick assessments (about 10 minutes) 

* Non-invasive 

* Interactive and intuitive 

* Self-administered 

* Immediate results after testing 

* Easy to understand results 

* Secure and confidential 

A special characteristic of Cognivue testing is its capacity to adapt the test according to the patient’s performance using unique software algorithms that help improve testing accuracy by eliminating testing variability. 

The Score

The Process

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The Consult

The Importance of consistent screening

There is an optimal point in time to manage mild cognitive impairment and help slow the progression to dementia.

Early-detection is key to helping identify and slow the progression.

Even without a risk of dementia, routine screening is a great way to keep track of personal cognitive function.

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Who Would Benefit From A Screening?