PGY-1 Independent Pharmacy Ownership
and Management Residency Program

Tarrytown Pharmacy / The University of Texas at Austin

About the Program

The Tarrytown Pharmacy residency program is designed for those that want to learn how to manage and own their own independent pharmacy. Independent pharmacy management and ownership can be daunting, and hard to find opportunities to learn in a structured and safe environment. The Tarrytown Pharmacy residency program give residents the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage or own a pharmacy.

The Residency Program

The Application Process

- We will begin accepting applications on November 10th.

Required information for applying

      - Letter of intent specific to this program

      - Curriculum Vitae

      - Three references

      - Transcripts

      - The deadline for applications is January 1st annually.


Visit us annually at our booth at the NCPA Residency Showcase 

Or contact:

Rannon Ching, Pharm.D.
Residency Program Director
2727 Exposition Boulevard Ste. 105
Austin, TX 78703 

Phone#: 512-478-6419

Meet Our Residents!

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