Residency Application

Estimated Dates

Timeline for Applications and Interviews

Residency Selection Process and Timeline

Coordinating residency applications, interviews, and on-site interviews can be quite the challenge. Tarrytown Pharmacy wants to give residency applicants as much information as possible, to make the process just a little easier. Please see the estimated timelines for our resident selection process.

Step 1: Application Period

* Starting October 1st to January 15th each year via our website below!

*Applicants can find more details on the application process below

Step 2: Application Review Period

*Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning with the opening of the Application Period

*The application review period closes approximately 2-3 weeks after the application deadline

Step 3: Video-Interview

*The Residency Advisory Committee evaluates and reviews all applications submitted, within the Application Period

*Applicants that proceed to the next phase of the selection process will be offered a video-conference interview

*Interviews usually last an hour. Interviewers may include the current resident, the Residency Program Director, and other Tarrytown Pharmacy residency preceptors

Step 4: On-Site Interview

*Residency candidates that move onto the next phase of interviews are invited for an on-site interview at Tarrytown Pharmacy in Austin, Texas

*Residency candidates will be responsible for costs associated with travel, lodging, and transportation in regards to the on-site interview

*On-site interviews are conducted with 1 candidate at a time, over an entire business day

*Interviews are usually held the Thursday and Friday of the last week in January, and the first week of February

Step 5: Selecting a Resident!

*Residency offers will be made prior to February 10th

*Once Tarrytown Pharmacy receives a signed commitment letter from a resident candidate, other candidates will receive notification prior to February 14th

Residency Program Director

Rannon Ching, Pharm.D.
Residency Program Director
512-478-6419 Ext: 129