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Business, Group, and Special Event COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Testing solutions for whatever your unique needs are!


Business, Group, and Special Event COVID-19 Testing

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Testing Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Everyone's testing needs are unique, and Tarrytown Pharmacy is equipped to handle it all! See the various testing options that we have available below!

Concierge and Small-Batch COVID-19 Testing

Whether it be an executive meeting or retreat, or you need a test in the privacy of your own home, we've got you covered.

Tarrytown Pharmacy's professional and discreet staff are able to handle any testing need, small or large.

This is a great option for when you need that personalized and VIP service.

On-Site, Business, and Event COVID-19 Testing

Tarrytown Pharmacy would provide professional testing services at whatever location you need.

We will bring the necessary supplies, staff, and expertise to efficiently and safely perform testing at your preferred location.

This is great for testing at event spaces and businesses.

Recurring or Rolling COVID-19 Testing

Tarrytown Pharmacy has multiple testing locations over the city of Austin, where your team members can utilize a custom sign-up link for your business to get a test on a rolling basis.

Invoices will be sent to the business at the end of each month, which allows for seamless testing throughout the week.

This option is perfect for businesses that need peace of mind to keep operations running, without the need for surprise mass-testing.


The whole testing process was incredibly easy for our large team of 400 employees. We were so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism that Tarrytown Pharmacy displayed through the process from planning to same-day results! Well done, and we'll definitely continue to use them for future testing needs!


We had a whole crew of 40 employees that needed to get a test for an international flight the next day, and Tarrytown Pharmacy saved us! They were able to make it out to our location on the same-day, test our crew, and get us the results we needed to have the whole team make their trip and get us to the next destination!