Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) - Blood Pressure

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What is RPM?

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Benefits of rpm for blood pressure management

  • Convenience - monitor your health from the comfort of your home.
  • Early Detection - Identify changes in your blood pressure early, allowing for timely intervention.
  • Peace of Mind - Gain reassurance knowing that healthcare professionals are monitoring your health.

How does RPM Work?

1. Getting Started: After enrolling into our RPM program, you'll receive a FREE blood pressure monitor that is easy to use.

2. Regular Monitoring: You'll begin taking your blood pressure at home.

3. Data Transmission: Your blood pressure readings are automatically transmitted to our dedicated RPM Care Team through our secure platform. There's no need to worry about manually recording or keeping track on your part!

4. Personalized Care: Our skilled RPM team continuously review your readings. If there are any concerns or noteworthy trends, we will proactively reach out to you.

5. Monthly Reports: You will receive an easy-to-read monthly report that summarizes your blood pressure readings. We can also share these reports with your healthcare provider at your request.

Monthly Health Report

Every month you'll receive a report summarizing your blood pressure readings. This helps you and your healthcare provider optimize your health and make data-driven decisions.


Enroll in our RPM Program and receive a cellular blood pressure monitor at no cost. Offer is exclusive to Medicare patients.

Personalized Care

Regular tracking of your blood pressure leads to better management of your health.

Seeing the Full Picture

  • With our RPM system, we collect and analyze multiple blood pressure readings over the course of each month and year.
  • This long-term approach allows us to gain a more complete picture of your health, rather than relying on a single data point.
  • By tracking trends and variations in your blood pressure, we can better understand your overall well-being and provide personalized analysis and recommendations to you and the other members of your healthcare team.

Joining the RPM Program

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Meet our rpm care team!

Our dedicated RPM team analyzes blood pressure data, manages out-of-range readings, and maintains consistent communication with our RPM patients.

RPM Care Team


RPM Care Team